Thursday, April 14, 2011

How to Find Women Who Cheat

Almost any woman who has been in a long unhappy marriage is ready to have a fling. As the number of women who cheat increases every year, it is a good cause to take a second and think about the possibility that being married is not such a great idea. But truth is, marriage does work for a few people. Some people do manage to spend their entire life being in love, happy with each other and content with what life has to offer. However, the percentage of people who are happily married does decrease every year.

So let us see what makes women who cheat tick? What are they looking for? Some are looking for that spark they felt initially when they met their husbands, some are looking to vent their sexual frustration, some are looking for companionship while some are only looking for a way to rebel so that they can hurt their husbands who care about their job more than their wife. In anyway, these women often feel ignored and unhappy which is what makes them cheat. Often, women who cheat are just looking for a bad boy who can spice up their life and make them feel sexy once again. So if you want to be able to find women who cheat for some casual sex, here is what you should look out for.

  • You will notice that women who cheat will approach single bars alone and sit in a corner with their drink. They want men to notice them and come up to them. A classy lady will seldom make the first move. If she does, she may be real desperate. So if all you want is sex, pick up the bold women who made the first move. However, if you also want some class and a little companionship in the affair, wait to find the right woman who is interested but not desperate.

  • Whether you are single or married, a good way to find women who cheat you can have an affair with is to always wear a ring as well. This ensures there are no misunderstandings. If she is wearing her ring as well, it's because she wants to send out a message that she is married but looking. You can do the same so she doesn't mistake you for an emotional punching bag later.

  • A good way to find women who cheat is to look for interested women on a long flight. Yes, that's right. You may not know it but when women are stuck for hours on a flight, they often try and take their mind off boredom by getting a little naughty. Chat up any such interested woman. If she seems suitable, plan to have a casual drink once the plane lands. Wait and see how that goes! If she is one of the women who cheat on their husband on the pretext that she is travelling for work and can be withheld, you might just get lucky.

  • Lastly, the Internet is full of possibilities. You can meet women who cheat on dating sites and set up real dates with them. Just make sure that they are as discreet as you and you might find the perfect way to have flings.


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